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Welcome to the Official SouthCity Records Website, Home of rap duo "D.S.D.B." (Down South Dirty Boyz) which consists of Executive Producer "Murda" and Co-Producer "Doeboy."
  Shout out to all our fans thank you for supporting us and just being down with the movement.

U can listen and buy our Cd's. We also got beats for sale so make sure you check that out. Also "Support Us" By leaving us some FEEDBACK about our music!!

  "Murda Music Productionz" is something u might also hear on some of SouthCity's tracks. Which is a production label for SouthCity owned by Murda. he has did beats   for many underground and local artist such as Yung Mane,Young Soulja Rag,Swagga,Rich Ent.,SumTalkBout Records and many more. If you need beats or production Contact Murda @ 336-721-1475,336-995-7920 or EMAIL Murda4Life2005@yahoo.com

  Finally make sure you check out the official MySpace page : www.myspace.com/southcityrecords its shows you stats of our music make sure you give us some feedback there also.

  Everybody stay on the grind and get money. Tre-4 Holla at ya Boyz!!!

DoeBoy's Clothing Line
check us out on "YOUTUBE.COM"
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